Beginning “families of FAITH” Groups, Family Celebration Rallies & Weekly Worship Events

Dear Friends:

Beginning in  the fall of 2019, we will start up ‘families of FAITH’ Groups! These groups, consisting of 4 to 6 couples will meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes across the OKC area. These groups will focus on helping everyone become healthy spiritually, physically, emotionally, relationally and financially in their families and their homes.

Beginning in December of 2019, we will hold our 1st monthly Family Celebration Rally for everyone in our families of FAITH’ Groups and their invited guests to enjoy a time of fun celebrating our families and our relationships with other families. We are planning to hold Family Celebration Rallies bi-monthly.

We are planning to launch a Weekly Worship Experience in January of 2020 and then launch to the entire OKC community with our Grand Opening EASTER SUNDAY, April 12, 2020.

In these services, we will focus on:

“Building Strong, Healthy, ‘families of FAITH
by Establishing Christ at the Center of Every Home”

We will accomplish this by focusing on:

  1. Helping families become healthy SpirituallyPhysicallyEmotionallyRelationally & Financially.
  2. Helping families put Christ at the center of their lives and their homes.
  3. Helping each family member develop healthy eating and exercise habits.
  4. Helping couples build strong, committed, loving marriages.
  5. Helping single parents overcome the challenges of being the only parent & provider.
  6. Helping every parent learn how to be loving, caring, nurturing, faith building parents.
  7. Helping every person find healing for emotional hurts and pain and build & rebuild relationships
  8. Helping every family discover how to manage their finances instead of their finances managing them.
  9. Helping parents make their homes faith-nurturing environments.
  10. Helping families develop a servant attitude to one another and to other families.
  11. Helping families reproduce their transformation in the lives of other families.

In order to accomplish these vitally important goals, we need your help! We need you to consider helping in the following ways:

  1. Would you consider becoming a “prayer partner” and praying for this ministry every day? We need hundreds, if not thousands praying for us daily, because the more we take of Satan’s territory, the harder he comes against us! But, the more we seek God’s power and hand upon our ministry, the more transformed lives and families we will experience!


  1. Would you consider helping us ‘financially”? We are totally funded by the giving and gifts of our friends and church family and the financial need is great! Especially, as we launch, because, just like a rocket launching, it takes a tremendous amount of energy to get it off the ground. It also takes a tremendous amount of resources to equip the church to invade the territory of the enemy and take back the ground that Satan has captured…namely our families!


  1. Would you also consider helping us “in person” by becoming a launch team member? Whatever your gift is, we can use it! Whether teaching (on every age level from children to adults), child nurturing/childcare, counseling, singing or leading in worship, playing an instrument in a worship band, being a greeter or a parking lot attendant, helping in the area of , hospitality, office administration, website administration, outreach & marketing, you name it, we need it!

If you would consider helping us in any of the ways mentioned above, please contact me at or you can text or call me at 405-627-8091.