Our Ministries

Everything we do as a church is designed to produce ‘fully devoted, totally surrendered” followers of Jesus Christ and build Strong, Healthyfamilies of FAITH’. The family is the foundation of the Church and is under seige in our culture, our country and throughout the world. We must and will do everything we can to re-build families and “establish Christ at the center of every heart and every home”. We will use every means to minister to CHILDREN…YOUTH…YOUNG ADULTS… SINGLES ADULTS…OLDER ADULTS…TWO PARENT FAMILIES…SINGLE PARENT FAMILIES… GRAND PARENTS… because we consider everyone to be a family of 1,2,10 or 20. Our specialized CORE ministries are:

‘families of FAITH Groups are a time for adults to get together in the informal setting of a home with others who are seeking to grow healthy in every area of their personal lives so they can lead their families to do the same. All steps of the “CHRIST-CENTERED FAMILY PATH” will be discussed and studied at some point in time, but primarily, the focus will be on FAMILY HEALTH. Everyone will be able to assess their own situation and decide which area of their lives and their families to start transforming.

Family Celebration Rallies will be held each month in a central location to bring all Family Focus Groups together to connect, share how God is changing lives and building strong…healthy…Christ Centered families. There will be music, worship, encouraging speakers, skits, video presentations, food and fun.

Our Weekly Worship Experiences are designed to lead both believers and non-believers to the Living God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus said “If I am lifted up, I will draw all men to me.” Our desire is to help families worship together and parents lead their children to our loving, caring, forgiving God!