families of FAITH’ Groups are a time for adults to get together in the informal setting of a home with others who are seeking to grow healthy in every area of their personal lives so they can lead their families to do the same. All steps of the “CHRIST-CENTERED  FAMILY PATH” will be discussed and studied at some point in time, but primarily, the focus will be on FAMILY HEALTH. Everyone will be able to assess their own situation and decide which area to start with, whether it’s SPIRITUAL HEALTH, EMOTIONAL HEALTH, RELATIONAL HEALTH, PHYSICAL HEALTH OR FINANCIAL HEALTH. Most everyone will have multiple areas to work on at the same time, but it will be up to each individual to determine this.
  Three KEYS to success are:
               1. Being INTENTIONAL – “deciding & doing”; moving to action.
               2. Having ACCOUNTABILITY – making ourselves accountable to others.
               3. Doing it TOGETHER – We were never meant to do this alone. Having others to do it with makes                                                             all the difference.